Intractable Seizures Caused by a Rare Treatable Condition

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Hussein A. Algahtani
Abdulaziz H. Batarfi
Sheikh A. dd
Sattam S. Lingawi


Hypoparathyroidism, Seizures, Hypocalcemia, Intracranial calcification


A case of a young man who presented with generalized tonic clonic seizures and intracranial calcification due to primary hypoparathyroidism was reported. He was diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy for many years in a periphery hospital. His seizures were intractable despite treatment with three antiepileptic drugs. Further evaluation in our center revealed low calcium level, high phosphate, low parathyroid hormone and cerebral calcification on computed tomography imaging. Diagnosis of primary hypoparathyroidism was established and treatment started. He responded well to treatment and currently he has been seizure-free for eight years.

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