Holiday Heart Syndrome

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Maysara M. Abdelaziz
Anand N. Kamalanathan
Cheri Mathews John


Holiday heart syndrome, Alcohol, Heart block, Arrhythmia


Holiday heart syndrome is an acute cardiac rhythm or conduction disturbance associated with heavy ethanol consumption in a person without other clinical evidence of heart disease. Typically, this resolves rapidly with spontaneous recovery during subsequent abstinence from alcohol use. Two adolescents were presented with different degrees of heart block following acute alcohol ingestion. The electrocardiograph abnormalities resolved within 12 hours. Further investigations, including echocardiography and 24-hour electrocardiograph, were normal. Emergency Department physicians should be aware of the possibility of acute alcohol ingestion causing changes in cardiac conduction which has a potential to develop into life-threatening arrhythmias, thus, can occur in children and young adolescents.

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