Cervical Pregnancy: Two Cases with Different Treatment Strategies

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Hanan M. Shamrani http://orcid.org/0000-0001-9345-5087


Cervical pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy, Dilatation and curettage, Conservative treatment, Methotrexate, Potassium chloride


Cervical pregnancy is a rare, potentially life-threatening condition that presents challenging management options. We report the cases of two patients: a 38-year-old, gravida 11 para 8+ 2 who presented with first-trimester vaginal bleeding and a 32-year-old female primigravida who presented in her ninth week of gestation with vaginal spotting and abdominal pain. Radiological and histopathological findings were consistent with cervical pregnancy in both cases, which were managed successfully with different approaches. Conservative management with intra-embryonic injection of potassium chloride was successful in the first case while dilatation and curettage after intramuscular methotrexate administration resolved the second patient's symptoms. Cervical pregnancy, when diagnosed early, can be successfully treated with medical therapy. Surgical intervention may be necessary, but adopting medical treatment as a first-line therapeutic option offers the advantage of uterine preservation.

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