Published: 2013-06-30



Mahmoud S. Al Ahwal
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Luminaries in Medicine

Luminaries in Medicine - Ibn al-Nafis

Hussein A. Algahtani
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Review Articles


Glycemic Control of Type 2 Diabetic Patients Managed in Tertiary Care Internal Medicine Clinics Using HbA1c

Helal S. Alenezi, Mubasher Kharal, Muhammad Yousuf, Yousef Al Saleh, Salih Bin Salih
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Case Reports

Diclofenac Induced Pancreatitis:

Moayad M. Alqurashi, Omar M. Raslan, Elaff A. Abudawood, Salem M. Bazaraah
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Clinical Images

Suprasellar Meningioma Causing Papilledema and Hallucinations

Hussein A. Algahtani, Ahmad A. Aldarmahi, Mohammed W. Al-Rabia
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Clinical Image in Medicine

Maysara M. Abdelaziz, Cheri Mathews John
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