Published: 2012-06-30



Mahmoud S. Al Ahwal
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Page 5

Review Articles

Plantar Fasciitis:

Suzan M. Attar
Abstract 502 | PDF Downloads 857 | DOI

Page 13-17


The Incidence and Clinical Outcome of Cardiac Tamponade Following an Open Heart Surgery in a Developing Country

Abdalla Misbah, Koteswara R. Pothineni, Eman Elshiekh, Yassir H. Yousif Ali
Abstract 110 | PDF Downloads 148 | DOI

Page 23-27

Knowledge of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in the Saudi Community in Jeddah

Siraj O. Wali, Osama A. Samargandi, Ahmad A. Abulaban, Bassem S. El Deek, Lujain H. Mirdad
Abstract 152 | PDF Downloads 165 | DOI

Page 29-34

Case Reports

The Latent Power of Bitter Melon on Diabetes Mellitus:

Kamal W. AlGhalayini
Abstract 106 | PDF Downloads 580 | DOI

Page 39-42

Clinical Images