Published: 2011-12-31



Mahmoud S. Al Ahwal
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Review Articles


Bone Status in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease:

Bassem S. El Deek
Abstract 188 | PDF Downloads 280 | DOI

Page 25-31

Case Reports

Application of e-Mail in Successful Desensitization to Allopurinol:

Khalid O. Bawakid, Majdy M.A. Qutub, Moufa M.S. Tayeb, Emad A. Koshak
Abstract 158 | PDF Downloads 218 | DOI

Page 37-42

Holiday Heart Syndrome

Maysara M. Abdelaziz, Anand N. Kamalanathan, Cheri Mathews John
Abstract 193 | PDF Downloads 391 | DOI

Page 43-46

Azygos Vein Aneurysm and Thrombosis Simulating a Mediastinal Mass

Ghada M. Abbas, Athar A. Radwi
Abstract 268 | PDF Downloads 775 | DOI

Page 47-50

Clinical Images

A Patient Presented with Haemoptysis and Abnormal Chest Radiograph

Muntasir M. Abdelaziz, Praveen Bhatia, Yassen O. Samman, Carol A. Diver, Mahir M. Hamad
Abstract 171 | PDF Downloads 98 | DOI

Page 51-54