Complicated Pulmonary Hydatid Disease: A Case Report with Literature Review

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Shaza A. Samargandy


Hydatid disease, Lung, Echinococcosis


Hydatid disease is a zoonotic parasitic infection that is more prevalent in the developing world and among pastoral communities. This report discusses this case along with a brief review of the pulmonary echinococcosis literature. This is a case report of a pulmonary hydatid disease in a young man whose disease course was complicated by spontaneous pneumothorax and empyema. His chest computerized tomography scan revealed the characteristic (Water Lily sign) which is pathognomonic for pulmonary hydatidosis. With proper anti-helminthic and antibiotic treatment along with surgical management, the patient made a remarkable recovery. Pulmonary hydatidosis in not uncommon in this region. Diagnosis can be reached through careful history, imaging, and serological testing. Primary treatment is pharmacological, but surgical interventions may be warranted in select cases.

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