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Author Guidelines


The Saudi Journal of Internal Medicine, the official publication of the Saudi Medicine Society is a peer-reviewed publication. The Journal is issued twice a year in January and July.  Authors are invited to submit original articles. Review articles are usually by invitation. However, Review articles of high standard will be considered. There are also sections for Case Reports, Letters to the Editor, Correspondence and medical news items.

Submission of Manuscripts:  Manuscripts, or the essence of their content, must be previously unpublished and should not be under simultaneous consideration by another journal. By virtue of the submitted manuscript, the corresponding author acknowledges that all the co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the manuscript.  Manuscripts are only accepted for publication on the understanding that the authors will permit editorial amendments, though proof will always be submitted to authors before being sent finally to press.

Manuscript Preparation: Manuscripts including tables, references and figure legends, must be typewritten (double spaced) on 8 1/2 x 11 inch (21.5 x 28 cm) or size A4 paper, with margins of at least 1 inch (2.5 cm). Pages should be numbered consecutively, beginning with the title page and continuing through the last page of typewritten material. One original and the photocopies of the entire manuscripts and figures for review will not be returned to authors whether the editorial decision is to accept, revise, or reject.  The only exception will occur when Editor returns a manuscript with hand written editorial suggestions to authors to aid them in making revisions. Manuscripts must be accompanied by covering letter signed by the author.

Title page: The title page must contain (1) title of the article (2) correct first name, middle initial and family name of each author plus a maximum of two highest academic degrees for each, name and address of the department(s) and institution(s) from where the research was carried out, (5) name, address, telephone number, fax number and E-mail address of author to whom correspondence should be sent if it differs from the first author, and (6) any disclaimers, (7) a short running title of no more than 40 characters (count letters and spaces). For Case Reports it is recommended that the number of authors be limited to four.

Abstracts: Abstracts for Review articles and case reports should be unstructured of not more than 150 words. All original articles must contain a structured abstract of not more than 250 words. The following are typical headings: Objectives (background), Methods (settings, design), Results, and Conclusion.

Keywords: Three to 10 keywords should be provided on the same page as the abstract, according to the rules given in «Uniform Requirements» published by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1997. Br Med J 1988; 296; 401-405.

Tables:  Tables should be double spaced on a separate sheet of paper. Do not submit tables as photographs. Number tables consecutively in the order of their first citation in the text and supply a brief title for each.  Give each column a short or abbreviated heading. Place explanatory matter in footnotes, not in the heading. Explain in footnotes all non-standard abbreviations that are used in each table

References: References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text, not alphabetically. List all authors when there are six or fewer when there are seven or more, list only the first six and add «et al». All references must be cited in the text or tables. Unpublished data and personal communications will not be accepted as references. References to journal articles should include, in this order: (1) AUTHORS, (2) title, (3) journal name (as abbreviated in Index Medicus, if not included in Index Medicus journal title should be given in full) (4) year, (5) volume and issue number, (6) page numbers. The author is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the references and for their correct textual citation. Example of correct reference form is given as follows:

Hashim T. Smoking habits of students in college of applied medical science, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Med J. 2000:21(1):76-80.

Book Chapter:   Weinstein L, Swartz MN. Pathogenic properties of invading microorganisms. In Sodeman WA Jr, Sodeman WA, Eds. Pathologic mechanism of disease. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1974; 457-472

Illustrations: Four copies of all figures or photographs should be included with the submitted manuscript. Photographs must be high-contrast, glossy, black and white prints, Un-mounted and untrimmed, with preferred size between 4 x 5 inches and 5x7 inches (10 x 13 cm and 13 x 18 cm). Color transparencies or photographs will also be accepted at the direction of the Editorial Board. Figure number, name of first author and an arrow indicating «top» should be typed on a gummed label and affixed to the back of each illustration. All lettering, arrows, or other artwork must be done by an artist or draftsman. Graphs and charts must also be prepared professionally by an artist or draftsman and submitted on glossy paper. Written permission must accompany any photograph in which the subject can be identified or any illustration that has been previously published. All illustrations («figures») must be numbered as cited in the text in consecutive numeric order. Please note that with color illustrations, the author must bear part of the expense for color reproduction. Titles and detailed explanations belong in the legends for illustrations not on the illustrations themselves.            

Electronic Manuscripts: After the manuscript has been accepted for publication, the author is require to send final version of manuscript on CD to Saudi Journal of Internal Medicine. When submitting disks, authors should: (I) be certain to include a print out of the version of the article that is on the CD and hard copy must be identical (ii) put only the latest version of the manuscript on the CD; (iii) name the file clearly, (iv) provide information on the hardware and software used.

Abbreviations and symbols:  Use only standard abbreviations. Avoid abbreviations in the title and abstract. The full term for which an abbreviation stands should precede its first use in the text unless it is a standard unit of measurement.

Ethical consent: All manuscripts reporting the results of experimental investigations involving human subjects should include a statement confirming that informed consent was obtained from each subject or subject's guardian, after approval of the experimental protocol by a local human ethics committee.

Permission to Reprint: Whenever a manuscript contains material (text, tables dosages, figures etc.) Which is protected by copyright, it is the obligation of the author to secure written permission from the holder of copyright.

Galley Proofs & Reprints: The Editorial Office will send proofs to authors for final proof reading, which will be the responsibility of the corresponding author who should return the galley proof materials appropriately corrected within the stipulated time. No major changes such as deleting sentences or shortening or expanding them in the text will be accepted at this time. The corresponding author is required to sign on each page of the galley proof indicating approval of any Editorial amendments.

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